The Robotic Vacuum

The technology that we have today has lead the electronic industry to another level with the robot vacuum cleaner which is a very impressive and sophisticated version of the traditional vacuum cleaners that we all know about. This type of vacuum operates with dozens of sensors that makes the robotic vacuum function with intelligence in order to determine whether it is on a dirty floor or clean floor. This makes it possible for the robotic vacuum to work on the floor that it has been on to ensure that the whole floor of the room is cleaned thoroughly. Other variants if vacuums includes the sensors to determine floor corners which prevents the machine to fall from the edge of the stairs.

The average cleaning on an average sized room will cycle for about 45 minutes. Various models are able to complete the cleaning of three rooms before having to charge it once again. If you think about it, this is very impressive as opposed to the traditional vacuum cleaners however, this would also mean that the robotic vacuum can run for a total of around two hours only and then you would have to connect it for power. In order to have this problem solved, the manufacturers have designed a robotic cleaner that is able to look for the docking station once they start going low on battery. This makes it possible for you to leave your vacuum running all day since it is capable of charging itself and you can come home from work to a clean floor every day. Read the review for more info about robot vacuum cleaners.

With this being said, it can be observed that this is very impressive in terms of the convenience that it can give to the customers and this can be very tempting to dispose your traditional vacuum and have this robotic vacuum instead. The effortless cleaning and the fact that you will possibly not have to vacuum again can come off as too good to be true, but it not. However, just like other machines or equipment that are being sold in the market, the robotic vacuum also has its drawbacks which are the issues of its function and of course, the cost that you will have to pay. This is highly dependent on the brand and model that you choose which can range from 200-500 dollars on its cost. This price range is similar to that of a top end conventional vacuum cleaner which means that the robotic vacuum cleaner has to level with the conventional vacuum cleaning performance. Another consideration of drawback is the inability of this machine to clean the stairs, car interiors, ceilings and curtains. With this being said, you would have to use the conventional vacuum cleaner for these areas after all. For more information, go to